New Project Home For jMonthCalendar

It has been awhile since I have had anything to announce with jMonthCalendar. I have been quite busy lately and have been procrastinating at bug fixes and enhancements. Lately, I've been working on an idea to set up project wiki, issue, and source management system using Redmine and Subversion. My current host does not play well with Subversion and was lacking on memory and access needed to run Redmine the way I wanted. So I have moved the project and source over to Google Code.

A few weeks ago I started down the path of setting up a new server/host using SliceHost for the purpose of installing a Subversion server and a RoR application Redmine. They are great, I can't speak anymore highly of their product. Everything got setup and installed perfectly as expected. I got the RoR app up quickly using Phusion Passenger which saved me a ton of pain.

Unfortunately I went to sleep worrying about how I was going to manage an application, open source project and still keep a secure Subversion repository and server while still being able to develop. The other night I decided I would save some and make by life simpler by moving the project over to and ditch my slice. Google Code will, now going forward, provide jMonthCalendar a project home, wiki, issues, downloads and Subversion source control. It currently allows anonymous Subversion browsing and the ability to add members to the project for collaborative development. Google code offers everything I would need for an open source project, allowing me to focus on the fun stuff, coding. Along with the new project home I also created a Google Group (found below) for open discussion, support, suggestions, etc. Please feel free to stop buy and check it out.

Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated, also if you are currently using jMonthCalendar please let me know, I would love to feature/link your site on the home page. Happy Coding.

If you are interested in jMonthCalendar or looking for the new details, please see below. Latest Release: jMonthCalendar 1.2.1 (bug fixes) Downloads: Project home: Google Group: *Source Code: *