jMonthCalendar: A jQuery Event Calendar

While working on a project conversion to MVC I realized I needed a full month calendar that supported events. None existed so I spent a few evenings learning jQuery and developing my own. I just recently posted new pages on the project and submitted the plugin to jQuery.

Recently I have been working on a re-architecture of I have been converting the project into a full MVC application (previously Webforms). Part of the application features displaying upcoming events/shows on a calendar for visitors. In the previous Webforms world this was easy, I could throw an Asp.Net Calendar on the page and tie into the instances events to display what I wanted on the calendar. Well MVC does not like the runat tag and thus can not use the same control in the new app.

I searched the web for a replacement, I thought that someone would have made something to fulfill this requirement. All I could find were Javascript pop-up calendar like the ones you see next to input fields. Since I couldn't find one I thought I would start on my own adventure into learning jQuery (since I have heard good things about it) and creating my own. That is where I cam up with this full month calendar that can display events and provide some minor extension points for custom code.

Overall I am very pleased and excited about this. This is close to my first sole open source project and is a major accomplishment for my JavaScript skills; not to mention that I was successfully able to learn jQuery and develop a plugin for it. I am giving back to the jQeury community who helped me out, if you would like a copy of this please visit jMonthCalendar jQuery Plugin page. To see code samples and demos of the plugin please visit my projects page here