Welcome To My New Octopress Blog

Well, this is the obligatory first post of any new blog. Recently I have been itching for an excuse to start a new project. Setting up a blog seemed liked a good use of time. In the process I learned how to once again setup a Ubuntu Server, host private git repositories, use git with multiple remotes, and install and configure various linux packages.

Who am I?

My Name is Kyle LeNeau, I'm a software developer/engineer/architect living the Minneapolis, MN area. I enjoy learning and experiencing new technologies and I can usually pick something up rather quickly. My main areas of focus recently have been in Web Application Development and Mobile Development. Coding is my passion and I have been doing it professionally for the last 6+ years.

What's Octopress?

As the title of this post states, this is my new blog powered by Octopress which happens to be an open source project hosted over at github. The framework is very different than other blogging engines like Wordpress since it's output is static html files instead of being dynamically rendered from php and a database. Static sites were the original websites back in the day. If you wanted to host something online you needed to know Html at a minimum. Today, we have higher level languages that let us "speak" more naturally and code generators to take what we "speak" and output something else. This is what Octopress does, it takes files written in the Markdown language and processes them through a series of templates using Ruby to output a directory of Html files.

Why Static Content?

Bottom line, static sites are fast. There is no processing or scripting time required by the server to output the Html to the browser. The server receives a request to an html file, finds it on the server, and then opens it for reading back to the browser. The great thing about this is that the server doesn't need to be anything spectacular. Also, with the use of caching and web server choice you can really hit the sweet spot when it comes to performance and out of pocket cost.

As I see it, this blog is a back to basic for me. I would like to find my voice in the world and start sharing my various experiences so that one day someone will read this and find it useful. I am always consuming content on the internet, now is my chance to give something back and fill in some gaps I have encountered so that others don't have to.

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