My Recent Positive Experience with Apple

So recently (the past year) I had an issue with my MacBook Pro and it's battery life. My laptop is was bought in February of 2007 so of course the manufactures warranty expired on February of 2008. This was concerning cause some time after the warranty expired my battery life went to heck. I could not work with having to stay connected to the wall. If I did try and roam the house or go to a coffee shop to meet with a friend my laptop would last 30 minutes before self powering down. This sucks, I have a laptop in order to be mobile and away from the and AC outlet but am limited to 30 minutes of work, this doesn't bode well for me. As 2008 went on 30 minutes of battery power went down to 20, then 10, then there were a few times that would only last 5 minutes if the computer was doing anything intensive.

As of today my warranty has been expired for almost a year. I didn't think anything of it and thought I would have to break down and buy a new battery. Since I got used to having to be near an AC outlet I thought nothing of it. It wasn't until I had done some research on apple MacBook Pro batteries only to find out that there were issues with the batteries and that there were many case of Apple replacing them (even out of warranty) free of charge. So I mad an appointment last night at the genius bar. The genius was very nice and pointed out my laptop was out of warranty and that it shouldn't be covered BUT... The details of a bad battery were evident. I had 1016 Mah of power at full charge with 250 full power cycles. Normally the battery should be reporting 80% of the battery capacity at 300 cycles. The normal full charge is about 5000 Mah.

To end the long drawn out story... Apple saved my but and "it was in the best interest of them to replace the battery free of charge". I walked out of the store with a brand new MacBook Pro battery installed, and I didn't have to pay a penny. Apple, you are the best. You know how to take care of your loyal customers. I could almost guarantee that if it were any other company they would have told me to get last or presented with a $100+ bill.

So this goes out to anyone who might be in the same boat, all you have to do is ask. What is the worst Apple is going to say "No"?